Why are we there, why are we in SL? Ofcourse for some people it’s a fun game, for others it’s more then just a game. We all have our own reasons for our second life. But even knowing this, the question remains… “why did we make a Jewish community in SL?” , “Why did we build shul’s, yeshivos, etc.” And WHY do we celebrate our (Jewish) holidays both in RL (which is logical) and at sl… It’s ‘just’ an digital world, a Matrix.

Ever since the churban we – the Jewsh people – had a desire to cling on to our tradition. During the siege of Yerushalayim, Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai knew that the city would fall. So he asked Vespasian for Yavneh. There the foundation was laid, for the survival of the Jewish people in dispersed communities without a central Temple. Their proclamations included the replacement of sacrifices by charity, repentance, and the fixation of initially set prayers (the Amidah, Shemah and Aleinu). In addition they began the establishment of an educational system for children and the fixing of the Biblical cannon. All of this was because of their (the rabbi’s) love for the tradition.

Later in the history we see that everywhere we came, we build yeshivos, shul’s, mikve’s, we ate only kosher and kept the Torah.

So… what was this, that made us keep the Torah. Even when we went astray, we came back to Yiddishkeit. Like this pope in the middle ages who found out that he was Jewish and finally returned to the religion of his forefathers. Or this anti-semitic Russian-orthodox archbishop, who was in reality a Jew who was abducted by the soldiers, and in the end gave his life to save the Jewish community.

This, my friends… is the Jewish soul. In the Tanya the Jewish soul is described as “An actual part of the supernal G-d.”

To understand this, picture a thick black cloth held over a lit flashlight. Now, prick a hole in it with a sharp-tipped object–and a pinpoint of light shines through. The light is G-d, the cloth is the body, and that little pinpoint of light – the “portion of G-d”- is the soul. This means that the Jewish soul is a spark of G-dliness within every individual. It is the person’s responsibility to allow that spark to express itself through one’s thoughts, speech, and action, which are collectively known as the garments of the soul. Since the soul is a spark of G-dliness, it is considered to be infinite in its own right. The soul represents the individual’s eternal and unbreakable connection with the Almighty.

So… even though many of us are not observant yet, they still have the neshomme. And that spark of G-dliness is shining through their not yet observant life.

This is what made us build frum communities all around the world, this is what made the ‘secular’ Zionists fight for a Jewish state. And this is exactly the reason why we’ve build shul’s, mikvaot, a kotel, etc. in second life.

May we merit to see the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash (in RL and SL) soon, speedily and in our days…

B’ahavas Yisroel,