Furzi's protesting

Furzi's gather to protest Spork's permanent ban

We have destroyed their Nazi store: Linden Lab has DELETED all the objects in their store. Das Waffenamt is no more!

We have eliminated their leader: Spotz Spork, the leader of the Nazi Furs, has been PERMANENTLY BANNED from Second Life!

We have gotten one of their members ARRESTED: Orkronos Brandenburg was caught by the police in real life with illegal weapons and now faces serious charges!

Several other members are BANNED, and their inventories are lost FOREVER!

The evidence of their racism and anti-Semitism: click here.

“Askiloh bederech tomim mosai tovo eilo es’haleich besom l’vovi bekerev beisi,” I will concern myself in the way of integrity, when [the opportunity] comes to me – I will walk in the integrity of my heart within my house  – Tehilim 101

In the words of King David we will ‘not set before our eyes works of wickedness’ the ‘doing of crooked things we hate, thus it will not cleave to us.’ Therefore we are actively combating all kinds of anti-semitism and neo-Nazism in SL. After a couple of victories we are most honored to announce yet another major victory for justice.

A victory, perhaps even greater than the others. After many months of preparation and hard work of members of the Second Lifers Against Hate, the Second Life Jewish Defense League, and the Zionist Association of Second Life we are finally able to announce that Furzi leader and creator of the Nazi uniforms and objects sold in Das Waffenamt is permanently banned by Linden Lab.

All Nazi items have been forcibly removed by Linden Lab. The selling of Nazi regalia and anti-semitic propaganda is now forbidden.

Our enemies are scared and went into hiding, Das Waffenamt is now empty of Nazi posters and vendors and is nothing more than a sad place people come together to mourn their old Nazi headquarters. No longer will they be able to ridicule the Shoah in Das Waffenamt.

empty store

empty store

“Yeivoshu v’yachperu yachdov s’meichei ro’osi, yilbeshu voshes uchlimoh hamagdilim olio,” – Let them be ashamed and humiliated together, those who rejoice at my hurt; let them be clothed in shame and disgrace, those who magnify themselves against me, – Tehilim 35:26.

This was a team effort. We would like to thank ALL of the individuals that gave their time and effort to complete this operation. You know who you are.

The SLAH, SL JDL, and ZASL are committed to fighting hate groups in Second Life to end the intimidation and degradation of others. Please report any hate incidents to Second Lifers Against Hate. Fill out an Incident Report.

You can IM Brandon Lindman or if you would like to send us e-mail the address is slah.report@gmail.com.

Consider volunteering for an assignment. Take it from us – you’ll enjoy the feeling of making a difference!

“Moh oshiv la´Hashem kol tagmulohi oloi,” How can I repay Hashem for all the rewards He bestowed on me? Tehilim 116:12

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