Contact information
We can be reached in RL at:
Or send an IM to Binyomin Etzel in SL.

Click here for the JDLSL staff.

Our Yeshiva and office is located in Holy City.

To visit us in-world (in SL) you must first download and join Second Life. Click here to download SL and here to sign up.
Everyone who cares about the Jewish people and the Jewish land/state can join us.
Joining is free, we only ask you to IM or e-mail (above) us your full SL name and why you want to become a member.

Those who want to show their support (but don’t have an sl account and don’t want to be in sl) are encouraged to help us in any other way they can (i.e to write articles, guest or permanent columnists, etc).

Please contact us for more information.