Arab - Nazi similaritiesIsraeli Arabs, Jewish land, traitors and Furzi’s. One might ask himself what these things would have to do with each other. I will explain this later in this post, for each of these have a clear link to both RL (real life) and SL (Second life).

One of the modern-day thinkers used to say about history that “people do not learn from history.” And he was right, especially we – the Jewish people – do not learn from history. In Israel and all around the world there are these frantic effors to coexist with the Arabs and to come up with workable plans for Arab-Jewish coexistence. We have seen what this coexistence had brought forth. Pogroms against Jews and terrorist attacks, just as we have witnessed today. A savaged Arab that rampaged in a buildozer, killing three and wounded at least 45, and still… still do people wonder why they do this.
However, the remarkable Jewish inability or unwilingness to see the reality of the Arab hostility towards Zionism and a Jewish state is hardly of recent vintage. From the begining of the twentieth century, as modern nationalism swept from Europe into he Ottoman Empire, there existed Arab nationalist hostility thatgrew in intensity and hatred with every Jewish stride towar statehood in the land of Israel. The problem was that the early Zionists simply did not want to understand the basic fact of nationalism: no people is permanently prepared to live as a minority under another people in a land it considers its own.

Our (grand-)fathers would not see; we refuse to see. We are, indeed, their offspring.
From the very beginning of the modern political Zionist movement, the question of the Arab population in Eretz Yisroel was subject to incredible delusion and unimaginable self-delusion. It was Theodor Herzl who coinded the astonshing slogan: “the land without a people for the people without a land.” Perhaps a journalistic turn of a phrase, it was a bon mot. But in the terms of reality, Herzl could not be more wrong. That there existed a people – the Jews – without a landwas an unmistakable fact. But the land they rightfully called theirs was not empty of people.

The year 1880, from which he beginning of modern Jewish restoration dates, saw some 30.000 Jews in the land. They were of the old yishuv (‘community’), religious Jew living quietly underhe Ottoman regime, content to fulfill the mitzvah of dwelling in the land of Israel and subsisting for the most prt on charity. Alongside them dwelt some 80.000 Arabs. These latter may have been poor, ignorant, backward, lacking in political awareness, unconcsious of a ‘Palestinian’ nationhood, but they were there. And no one seemed to notice. On the one hand it was as if Arabs did not exist, or if they did, they really did not matter. ON the otherhand, there was a naive belief that this backwa› Create New Post — WordPressrd and primitive people would surely be delighted at the benefits nd progress that would be their lot, thanks to the advent of the progressive and talented Jews. As fr as an Arab national movment was converned, there was near unanimit that such a creature simply did not exist. The early secular Zionists even believed that the Arabs would culturally intergrate, be absorbed and assimilate with the Jews. MIchael Halpern even suggested hastening the process by internarriage on a massive scale. The nonsens of Arab “disappearance,” culturally or natinally, was to be echoed for years by the Zionist leaders, even when it was obvious to l that there was a large and growing Arab movement that was the deadly enemy of Zionism.

Terrible bloody massacres followed this Arab-nationalism – even before the creation of the state of Israel. A treat that the Jewish establishment did not want to see. Massacres in 1920 (in Jerusalem), 1921 (in Yaffa) and in 1929 in Chevron (Hebron), Jerusalem, Tzfat and many other places, 1936 – 1939 (throughout the entire country). 1947 (Jerusalem), from ’47 to period to May 1948 was characterized by numerous skirmishes, road ambushes, riots, bombings and massacres, whether organized by one of the other sides or spontaneous… just to name a few.

So we see that they did not want to see the real problem, just as our people nowadays refuse to see that it is impossible. Herzl, the other early Zionist leaders and perhaps even our leaders now, may sincerely not have mean it, but to think like this, was – and still is – a crude, contempuous rejection of Arab national pride.

I respect the Arab and that’s why I want him to go. Why? Because most of the Arabs do not want live in Israel under the Noahide laws and respect the Jewish-Israeli authority. I understand the Arab and he understands me. In their eyes – even though they are completly wrong – they still think that we have stolen their land and they want it ‘back.’ But I’m not going to give my land away either. This is something that a lot of people simply refuse to see.

But to come back to the title of this article, Arabs, Jewish land and traitors… Who are the traitors? The dictionary defines the words ‘traitor’ as follows: “One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason.” If we relate this our day and time we see that Israel actually has its own ‘fifth column’ as well: the Israeli Arabs. A lot of them (read: not all) are just as destructive as their brothers and sisters of Hamas, Fatah or the Hizbollah. And again the ‘establishment’ refuses to see it. Look for instance only at the Israeli members of the Knesset: Wasil Taha (Balad), who aided terrorists, visited enemy countries and talked with their goverment officials. Ibrahaim Sarsur (ra’am ta’al), who accused Israel of intentionally targeting Lebanese civilians and called for a united Arab front against Israel. And Talab El-Sana who said that Israel’s “extolled victory” in the Six-Day War not only did not lead to peace but also led to more wars. According to him Israel created the Hizbollah In 1982 and nowadays it is creating the next generation of fighters.

These people are our fifth column in the Israeli goverment. Let alone those who live among us as ‘civilians.’ Just look at the Arabs of the last two terrorist attacks in Jerusalem of today, and some months ago in the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva. Both of these were Israeli Arabs, living in Israel, with a Israeli pasport and full citizen rights. But our foolish ‘leaders’ look away, it is time not to look away, but see to see what is really going on.
The traitors here, are those that go out and talk with the terrorist, negotiate with them, giving them weapons, financial support and releasing bloodthirsty muderers with innocent Jewish blood on their hands. Those are the traitors, those who work together with the enemy. But not just people like Olmert and co. No, there are way more. Like the shalom achshav (‘peace now’) people, who provoke us again and again, incite the Arabs to go and demonstrate, to riot and make trouble.. for they know that it would gain them the world’s compassion. For whenever there is a victim, it must surely be a ‘poor Palestinian.’ Jewish victims are not worthy to talk about.

But besides the Arabs we always have the Russians. The non-Jewish Russians in Israel, we actually have quite a lot of them. Many of those Russians are not even pro-Israel, in fact the neo nazi’s we have in Israel are most often Russians. So it is not a strange sight to see a lot of Russians in Israel, speaking Hebrew fluently and even knowing a bit about Judaism, the history of the Jewish state and the Israeli military, since they too have to serve in the army. Which makes me to come back to the last part of this article’s title, the Furzi’s.

First I will give a short recap of what the Furzi’s are.

“The Furzis are a group in Second Life founded by Rainbow Pirandello and Spotz Spork. The name is a invention of Spotz Spork himself and is a combination of Furry + Nazi = Furzi. They dress like Nazis, have constructed a Nazi bunker, and worst of all, they are selling anti-Semitic propaganda.

As unfortunate as it is, a group of those cute little anthropomorphic avatars have turned to Nazism to satisfy what they claim is a “uniform fetish”. The display of Nazi symbols, wearing Nazi regalia, and other forms of Nazi worship have long since been rejected as glorifying the works and deeds of Hitler, and many European countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, and even Poland have laws against Nazism in any form. The display or sale of Nazi paraphernalia is banned in those countries. Yet these individuals regularly cover themselves in Nazi regalia as if the swastika (in this form and dress) has no more meaning than the ingredients label on a box of oatmeal.

While the Furzis claim to be ‘history buffs’, the fact is they have modified the Nazi uniforms to fit their own gang, though not even all uniforms. In some cases, instead of a swastika on their arm band, there is a paw. The uniforms are not all the same, so one many have a swastika, and another an SS Death’s Head or Totenkopf, besides that they are selling naziflags and many other nazi related things. As for their claim that their interest in these symbols is historical, by their own admission they do not reenact any historical events. The Furzi’s headquarters including their bunker where they openly glorify Hitler (yimach shemo) with posters on the walls is called ‘Das Waffenamt.’

So what is the connection between Arabs, Jewish land, traitors and the furzi’s? I will now tell you that. Just as the Arabs are a treat to eretz Yisroel (the land of Israel) – Jewish land and to our people’s survival. So are the furzi’s and their existence in SL not only an incredible insult to the Jewish people, the fact that Linden Lab allows them to stay there and spread their anti-semitism into the world is another treat on itself. It is like the German Jewish essayist Kurt Tocholsky wrote at the beginning of the Shoah (Holocaust): “A country is not only what it doesbut also what it tolerates.” In my opinion the active Furzi’s are a bunch of anti-semitic, hedonestic, Nazi glorifying thing – I do not have a better word for it. In fact the similarties between the (neo-) Nazi’s and the Arabs is quite interesting to see.

Their anti-semitic propaganda are very similar, just as those that were sold and are often seen in Das Waffenamt, just as their hatred towards the Jews is similar.

Even though the Muslims are no Nazi’s. Yes, they aren’t that ‘nice’ either, but in a different way then the Nazi’s. It’s like Ovadiah Shoher writes: “For centuries, German society was anti-Semitic, militarist, disciplined, expansionist, supremacist, and xenophobic. Germans fought among themselves and against other Europeans. Nationalism was deliberately inflated for the purposes of German unification, and fitted into the core attitudes of supremacy and xenophobia. Since the time immemorial, Germans were disciplined, ruthless soldiers. Swiss and Danes, for example, were militaristic, too, but have long passed the stage of nation-building which was very recent for Nazi Germany, and are therefore peaceful. France, Ukraine, Serbia and most other European countries could initiate Holocaust just like Germany; Ukraine did just that in the early twentieth century, and France efficiently collaborated with Germans to bring the Holocaust about. Very few Germans were actively involved in genocide, but others concurred; the very same pattern is visible in France, Italy, and other countries. Anti-Semitism is endemic to Christian culture and actionable in Europe. In America, anti-Semitism was never encouraged officially, and Americans, though dislike Jews, are unlikely to organize genocide.” Even in Iran (note: Iranians are no arabs) Jews are being treated better then Jews in the Arab country of Syria, where they are brutaly oppressed. In the nineteenth however century, German Jews lacked full citizenship and popular parties vehemently opposed endowing Jews with full civil rights. German newspapers routinely published anti-Semitic articles and cartoons – a thing unheard of even in Iran where the line is carefully drawn between Zionism and Judaism, and even anti-Zionist propaganda doesn’t remotely resemble the anti-Semitic fury in Germany (or the Arab countries). German culture is inherently anti-Semitic, with short-lived Weimar Republic being the only exception. Germany was anti-Semitic in the fourteenth century, in the twentieth, and in the twenty-first.”

This anti-semitic culture is being spread in SL – throughout the entire world – by people who claim to be history buffs but act nothing like it. Not only do they spread this hatred, they also – either willingly or unwillingly – act as a platform for neo nazi’s around the world to meet with eachother. Even though if one would not have this intention, they would still serve as it, for it attracts without a doubt neo nazi’s.

But like I’ve said before, “people do not learn from history.” When Ze’ev Jabotinsky visited Poland in the early 1930’s and told the Jews to run, to flee, to go to Eretz Yisroel because a danger was coming, the Jewish establishment made fun of him and slandered him. When Rabbi Kahane zt’l, hy’d stood up in the late 60’s to defend the Jews against anti-semitic thugs, whether they were in New York, somewhere else in the States, in Canada, or wherever in the world. The Jewish establishment worked against him, they came up with all kind of accusations, even lies about him. They were prepared to talkand sit around the table with outspoken anti-semites, but they refused to sit with Rabbi Kahane, because they were afraid. They knew that Rabbi Kahane was right, but they were afraid to act. They blinded themselves and refused to see the truth.

Unfortunately we have the same thing in Second Life. Many Jews look away, even though they know it is not right. Some of them even told me that they saw it, and they knew about it but they simply looked away. There are Jews and non-Jews in Second Life, but especially Jews that can do a lot about the griefing and anti-semitism in the Jewish sims (and outside them!), but they simply ignore it.

Let us hope that people will finally see and realize the reality…

B’ahavas Yisroel,



It is said about Yerushalayim that whomever mourns her properly will merit to see her rebuilt. This year we have a new churban on our shoulders, just two years old. Furthermore, we have another one threatening on the horizon. Let us remember and mourn about this churban too – and let itbe an inspiration for us to put a better fight for the upcoming struggle!

It is told of Napoleon, that upon passing a synagogue during the Ninth of Av, looked inside and saw Jews sitting on the floor and weeping. When he inquired further he was told the Jews were mourning over the destruction of their Holy Temple. “How long ago did this occur?”, he asked. “About 1,500 years ago”. “In that case”, said Napolean, “there is no doubt that their Temple will be rebuilt. A people capable of crying for so long over its destroyed Temple and Land will eventually find its way home.”

While the Jewish People remained in the Exile, this was a nice story. Without a doubt, its optimistic message encouraged our people during times of severe hardships. Napoleon was keen enough to realize that a people who relives its past will succeed in conquering its future. Indeed, our sages have already stated that, “He who mourns for Jerusalem will merit to share in her joy”. (Tractate Taanit, 30)

However there exists one little problem. All this mourning was appropriate when we were forced into the Exile, being held at the mercy of the gentile nations and thus unable to forge our national destiny. In such a case, it was fitting to mourn “whole-heartedly” over our destroyed Temple and land. And today? One need not to have a Ph.D. in history to see how things have changed since the times of Napoleon. Then – the land of Israel lay desolate; today it is rebuilt. Then – Jews dreamt about coming to Israel; today Jews not only live in Israel, but they rule over it. Then – all we could do was cry… but today???

Is mourning the only imperative for today? Is it not a bit absurd to lament in the synagogue of the Exile, beseeching G-d for a speedy redemption, when all one need do is packing one’s bags and board an eastbound El Al. Is it enough to stand down by the “Wall” of the Temple Mount wailing over the destruction when it is in our hands to erect the fallen city; in our hands to purify the site from the foxes who degrade it, and yes, even in our hands to rebuild the Holy Temple! The historic opportunity to rebuild and renew burns in our hands, and instead we find 101 excuses to disregard it.

Fellow Jews! Let us open our eyes and appreciate the wondrous miracles that Hashem has granted us – miracles we have not witnessed since the days of our exodus from Egypt! He who cried, and only cried in the days of Napoleon did right; his tears were sincere. But today, he who only cries and does not combine his tears with real action – his lamentations leave much to be desired. His entreaties go unheeded, for G-d urges us on as he did to the Jews before their crossing of the Red Sea: “Why do you cry to Me? Speak to the Children of Israel – that they go forward!” What are you crying for? Go forward and determine your destiny! Arise and act to sanctify G-d’s Name!

Yes, something has happened since the day Napoleon walked into that shteeble on the Ninth of Av. Let us join those who are ready not only to cry, but also to do!

UPDATE 10/10/2008: Proof of the Furzi’s virulent anti-Semitism.

The Nazi Furs and VR Nazism
In case you are unaware, there is a group called the Furzis in Second Life. The name is combination of Furry + Nazi = Furzi. They dress like Nazis, have constructed a Nazi bunker, and worst of all, they are selling anti-Semitic propaganda.

As unfortunate as it is, a group of those cute little anthropomorphic avatars have turned to Nazism to satisfy what they claim is a “uniform fetish”. The display of Nazi symbols, wearing Nazi regalia, and other forms of Nazi worship have long since been rejected as glorifying the works and deeds of Hitler, and many European countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, and even Poland have laws against Nazism in any form. The display or sale of Nazi paraphernalia is banned in those countries. Yet these individuals regularly cover themselves in Nazi regalia as if the swastika has no more meaning than the ingredients label on a box of oatmeal.

While the Furzis claim to be ‘history buffs’, the fact is they have modified the Nazi uniforms to fit their own gang. In some cases, instead of a swastika on their arm band, there is a paw. The uniforms are not all the same, so one many have a swastika, and another an SS Death’s Head or Totenkopf. As for their claim that their interest in these symbols is historical, by their own admission they do not reenact any historical events.

How the Story Broke

On March 22 a Jewish girl by the name of Blaze Burns was shopping at Black Ops Guns and Gear, a weapons supply store, when she encountered a furry by the name of Shani Nosferatu wearing an SS officer’s hat with the Totenkopf symbol on it. Blaze, being Jewish, took great exception to this and asked her to remove the hat. The request was refused. A dispute ensued and the owners of the premises were called to the scene. Mavericus Nelson, Kayla Stonecutter, and Maverick Garfield, all employees of the store, stated in chorus that Shani had the “right” to display the Nazi symbol. Miss Burns teleported out of the sim with the prophetic words, “if you, or anyone allows NAZIs to run around in your sim you are going to have trouble from me and anyone i can find to help me.” To which Kayla replied, “have fun wasting your time then.”

Blaze alerted WebJedi Regent, also Jewish, to the situation, and requested his help to deal with the store owners. When Mr. Regent arrived at Black Ops Miss Nosferatu was still wearing the SS hat and all three admins were present. He protested, “you have someone wearing a NAZI uniform in your sim.” The reply from Kayla Stonecutter: “and? nothing illegal about it.”

Mr. Regent called the behavior “despicable”, “disgusting”, and “abhorrent”, at which point Mr. Nelson ejected him from the sim. Mr. Nelson was later quoted as saying, “let me state this there are Nazi political parties all through out the United States they are factions protected under the Constitution and how dare you sir tell people what they can and cannot wear.”

After all of this Miss Burns wanted to know where the hat came from; she tracked it back to Das Waffenamt – German Military Outfitters in Triphosa, a store owned by Spotz Spork and Rainbow Pirandello, Großadmiral and Reichsmarschall of the Furzis, respectively. Her discovery was announced over IM on the group Jews of Second Life.

The Confrontation

Along with several other members of the JSL and the Zionist Association of Second Life, I confronted them at their store. Specifically, we took exception to several anti-Semitic propaganda posters they are selling.

Let me be absolutely clear about this point: The Furzis are selling anti-Semitic posters, which were distributed as propaganda during the Holocaust. Whether or not you agree with the Furzi’s assertion that the 1st Amendment of

Der Juden Nazi Propoganda Poster

the Constitution of the United States gives them the right to walk around in public wearing Nazi symbols, surely any reasonable person would agree that Nazi propaganda blaming the Jews for the World’s troubles and encouraging hatred of them is hate speech, which is not protected by the 1st Amendment.

Upon being questioned about this behavior Mr. Spork said, “the message behind all propaganda is the same, that someone is the enemy. What makes the US and Russian ones okay, but not the German ones? Now yeah, I know that the level of atrocities was different, but atrocities were committed by all sides.” I pointed out to him that the Nazis did not wage war against an opposing force with respect to Jews, they implemented assembly line extermination of an unarmed minority. He repeatedly refused to remove even the anti-Semitic propaganda posters saying it “wouldn’t make everyone happy.”

And what is happiness to the Furzis? Dressing like Nazis of course. When Unclejimbob Emmons of the ZASL asked them to “get rid of all the Nazi regalia and we will be happy.”

Mr. Spork responded, “Then me and my group wouldn’t be.”

“Wouldn’t be what?” I said.Nazi Paraphernalia for Sale

“Happy.” he replied.

“So you’re not happy unless you can wear swastikas,” I asked. His response: “I enjoy wearing uniforms.”

Incredulously, they were upset at being called Nazis, even though they were dressed as Nazis, in a Nazi bunker, selling Nazi paraphernalia.

According to Rainbow Pirandello, the Furzis have had several incidents of both griefing and legitimate protest, and have threatened to use the Banlink system against the JSL.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve done anything bad or not. If you yawn on my land, I have the right to ban you,“ said Miss Pirandello. “Go read up on the land owners rights policy – I can ban whoever I want for whatever reason. And since I have had multiple people griefing and harassing from your group that’s all the reason I need. Consider your entire group banished from my land. Have a good one!”

The Furzis decided it would be humorous to put the Banlink sign directly over the anti-Semitic posters. Rainbow Pirandello: “Y’could put the banlink sign up right above the poster cubes.” Spotz Spork: “lol I will. Logging off now, I’ll just make something quick. IM me on YIM.”

Moral Relativism

I sat down with Mavericus Nelson, the head of R&D for Black Ops and the acting CEO in the absence of Grey Blankes, the owner, as she is currently deployed to Iraq, in order to get his perspective on the situation.

Miss Nosferatu “did not bother anyone or cause any problems, we even gave her help when she requested it, she was wearing a questionable outfit to say the least but it was her own prerogative to wear what she deemed fit. She was wearing a world war two German Gestapo uniform with swastika armband,” said Mr. Nelson.

“Mr. Regent arrived at the store and entered to shop, he caught eye of Shani and what she was wearing and started verbally harassing her, calling her a furry Nazi and other more colorful terms.”

“Now I don’t agree with what she was wearing but we have the [G-d] given right and freedom to wear and express ourselves as we see fit, as I told Mr. Regent when he contacted me yesterday saying that he was quote ‘if you wish to change your position I will require an announcement in group chat on the Black Ops channel recanting your support of the Nazi furs, and forbidding the display of Nazi paraphernalia on any property over which you have admin authority’.”

I pointed out that the 1st Amendment only protects freedom of expression in the public square, not on private property. “Yes it did take place on a private sim out of the public area, but I still have core believes that I will notRanbow & Festus forget just cause [it is] a private area.” But later Mr. Nelson stated, “Shani coming into the store may not of been a ‘peaceful assembly to express her beliefs’ but she at no time took aggressive steps towards anyone.”

So, in fact, Mr. Nelson did know that the Nazi uniform was not an attempt to make a political statement, but goes on to justify his actions under the auspices of non-violence. Never mind that a swastika is as close to a symbol of non-violence as we are to teaching dogs to do our taxes.

Additionally, there are many examples of “speech” or “expression” that are not protected in any venue, such as yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater or child porn. I asked how he could make such a distinction.

“Yes people do participate in pedophilia and its evil and wrong, but yes the Nazi party was evil and wrong but it is historical, it happened, there’s nothing we can do to change the fact that it happened, and for all we no Mrs. Nosferatu was on her [way] to a WWII reenactment of some sort.”

It is certainly difficult to believe that the reason Miss Nosferatu was dressed as a Nazi was that she was in transit to a WWII reenactment.

“I will not hinder someone against their own creative image, unless they are doing something that clearing (sic) and is morally wrong, or violated the second life TOS.”

But is it not a violation of the Community Standards section of the TOS to dress as a Nazi?Nazi Regalia 2

“Combating intolerance is a cornerstone of Second Life’s Community Standards” is the very first sentence describing the “Big Six” rules of conduct. How exactly does allowing a person to wear a swastika constitute “combating intolerance”. Has moral relativism now extended so far that Jews are considered “intolerant” when we object to the display of hate symbols?

The Furzi contend that their Nazi dress and actions are protected by free speech, but they also spread anti-Semitic propaganda under the same argument. What could possibly be more intolerant and, indeed, offensive than Nazi propaganda targeting Jews?

“Yes I am concerned with this group and every group like them that spreads nothing but hate and bigotry, but I cannot go out picking fights with everyone I don’t like because of what they stand for and promote,” Mr. Nelson said. But if what they stand for is wrong and leads to hate and violence then we shouldn’t oppose them by all necessary and proper means?

“This is not a perfect world sir and it’s doubtful it ever will be, but it’s our jobs to keep going and not give up hope. We must all pick our own battles and though we may not always agree with the outcome we have to keep on going, cause if we do not keep our heads held high and look towards the future, then we are doomed to stay stuck in the past.”

So here we are, looking at the same symbols that, 65 years ago, were the last thing seen by 6 million people, that represent the very definition of hate and intolerance, that are so repugnant to the society that spawned them it is punishable by many years in jail just for displaying them – and we are supposed to believe we should forget about? It’s ancient history? I, for one, hope that never, ever happens.

A New Hope

Saturday, April 14th, one day before Holocaust Remembrance Day, I had an interesting experience in SL. After finishing up an interview for this article I met up with Cryptomorph who told me of an incident which had happened earlier that day.

A land owner had to get help from LL to remove a huge sign (~5 x 5 meters) with a swastika on it from a neighbor’s property. I went to see the individual who removed the sign, a non-Jewish Australian, and he took me to see the property where the sign had been. We discovered that the one of the owners of the land (or so we thought) was Jewish. I tracked him down and of course he was as upset about it as we were. In fact, he is Israeli, so as you can imagine he was ready to take more aggressive measures if need be. It turned out he was on the property owner’s list because he helped the person who owns the land build the house that was there. The property had been abandoned and, for some reason I wasn’t able to ascertain, someone had chosen that spot to put up a giant swastika.

So today, one day before annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, an Israeli, an Aussie, a Spaniard, a Dutchman and an American teamed up to combat neo-Nazis; and SL made this possible.

This is only one example of the many experiences I have had in SL that gives me hope that virtual reality is going to facilitate cultural progress. I cannot accept that the evils of RL are inevitably going to infest SL.

Unlike the real world we, humans, are in full control. We created it, and we can manipulate it. Nothing is free, and there is no doubt there will always be those who seek to do evil, but we, as Jews are enjoined by G-d to combat those forces. Whatever effort is required to do so, we must be prepared to expend.

My uncle, a decidedly non-religious Jew, had some good advice for me that introduced a simple, yet profound, concept into my philosophy of life. “Stay in the light,” he said. These four simple words have rung in my ears ever since.

As Jews we are entrusted to be a light unto the nations; thus, where there is darkness it is we who must light a candle. G-d gave us this responsibility. Here we have an entire world to shape, and the concept that we would allow it to mold itself into whatever random design happens to come out of the haphazard contributions of the well-intentioned, the indifferent, and the hateful among us is antithetical to our role.

The Nazis brought nothing but destruction and death. Their legacy of hatred and anti-Semitism lives even today. Jewish graves are desecrated, skinheads and other misanthropes attack Jews, hate groups continue to be formed and recruit new members; the Third Reich will not die of natural causes, we have to kill it. We cannot remain indifferent, we cannot be shy, and we should not and cannot apologize for demanding an end to Nazism in Second Life – right here, right now.

There are two things the world will never have enough of: scientific progress and communication. Second Life has significant potential to cultivate both of these advancements. The question is: who will cultivate Second Life?


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be-jewish.jpgI just read an article on Arutz Sheva about the weakening of Jewish roots in the world Jewry. While the Israeli Jewry feels more Jewish. This is an perfect example of how chutz l’aretz is affecting us. We can sit in shul whole day, we can eat kosher and live in Brooklyn, Boro Park, or wherever we have our communities. Yes, we can even have our own community at SL, but it’s no Eretz Yisroel. Our soul, the Jewish soul is yearning for it’s return to Eretz Yisroel. We even have a kotel and some Zionist organisations at SL… And all of this is because of the yearning of our soul.

So… what are we waiting for? “We see that the Jewish attachment of millions of Jews around the world is getting weaker,” Jewish Agency chief Ze’ev Bielski said Thursday at the Ruppin Conference for Immigration and Social Integration. “In the past, every Jew [sic] spoke Hebrew, but today many Jews prefer to have their children study physics instead of Hebrew, so that they will be able to go to university.”

So.. since we cannot fit in the goyische society less we assimilate. That left us with only one option, and a Torah option! Make aliyah, leave, go, emigrate to Israel. As you know we a chazon, a ‘vision’ of shivat Zion. Every day we pray three times daily “Va techazena einenu b’shuvcha L’zion” (May our eyes behold thy return to Zion). With Pesach we utter the joyfull wish of “L’shana habo b’yerushalayim!” – next in Jerusalem. But why do so many of us, stay in chutz l’aretz? The Jew, whose sojourn in an exile two milenia old as corrupted and perverted the most basic of real Jewish values. Bearded and piously payotic, clean shaven and woolly skullcapped, knittedyarmulked they all join with all the others in the ecumenical worship of the Golden Calf of our times: The Golden Exile.

Go up to the Land concerning which they shed hot tears every Tisha B’Av, anniversary of the national day of national mourning? Actually uproot themselves from the Exile and go dwell in the Zion and Jerusalem they piously seek every year, “next year?”

But the chandeliers and the expensive shaitel wig and the quicksand, which is the good life are far more powerful than commandments.

“For you are to pass over the Jordan to go in to possess the Land which the L-rd your G-d giveth you, and you shall possess it and dwell therein…” Deuteronomy 11.

“And they scorned the desirable land…” Psalm 106

And so they invent all kinds of rationales, all cloaked in a tallis that is all blue. “Israel is also Exile…” “This is not the beginning of the redemption, merely the footsteps of Moshiach…”

Can one look at a state that rises miraculously after two millennia and watch an ingathering of exiles from a hundred lands and not see in this the beginning of the great vision and redemption? Regardless of the sins and abominations in the land? No, that which we do not wish to do, we do not. But first, we must stamp the swine with the halachic label of kosher…

Nothing moves the “religious…” they have been inordinately twisted and corrupted by twenty centuries of abnormality. One simply cannot live as a minority for twenty centuries, two thousand years, supping at other’s tables, pleading for a smile, a tolerant act, love, and remain normal. One cannot live in a stranger’s home and remain stable. A minority must, of necessity, inherit insecurities, complexes, fear, and instability. A minority must, of necessity, be exposed to and influenced by the majority culture that insidiously enters, corrupts, changes, lays its permanent hand on Judaism, so that the Jew assumes the Gentile value and assumes too, that it is Jewish.”

But on the other hand in Israel, a recent poll shows that half of Israelis feel they are Jewish first, and 45% says they are Israeli first. The remaining 5% told the pollsters – of the Mutagim Polling Institute, in honor of Israel‘s 59th Independence Day – that neither title represented them. The poll found that 82% of those who are religious (92% of Hareidi-religious) and 64% percent of those who said they were right-wing, said they were more Jewish than Israeli. On the other hand, 72% of secular Israelis said they were more Israeli. These numbers says great deal about the goyische influence of chutz l’aretz on the Jewish people. We get influenced by the goyischkeit, and the only way to avoid this, is to make Aliyah and live in a Jewish state.

New immigrants to Israel also feel more Jewish. The numbers in a recent Ruppin Academic Center survey that nearly 85% of Ethiopian olim (immigrants), 80% of those who came from the former Soviet Union, and a bit more than 60% of Western olim characterize themselves as more Jewish than Israeli.

So… let us not wait to be a victim, twice over..

Why are we there, why are we in SL? Ofcourse for some people it’s a fun game, for others it’s more then just a game. We all have our own reasons for our second life. But even knowing this, the question remains… “why did we make a Jewish community in SL?” , “Why did we build shul’s, yeshivos, etc.” And WHY do we celebrate our (Jewish) holidays both in RL (which is logical) and at sl… It’s ‘just’ an digital world, a Matrix.

Ever since the churban we – the Jewsh people – had a desire to cling on to our tradition. During the siege of Yerushalayim, Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai knew that the city would fall. So he asked Vespasian for Yavneh. There the foundation was laid, for the survival of the Jewish people in dispersed communities without a central Temple. Their proclamations included the replacement of sacrifices by charity, repentance, and the fixation of initially set prayers (the Amidah, Shemah and Aleinu). In addition they began the establishment of an educational system for children and the fixing of the Biblical cannon. All of this was because of their (the rabbi’s) love for the tradition.

Later in the history we see that everywhere we came, we build yeshivos, shul’s, mikve’s, we ate only kosher and kept the Torah.

So… what was this, that made us keep the Torah. Even when we went astray, we came back to Yiddishkeit. Like this pope in the middle ages who found out that he was Jewish and finally returned to the religion of his forefathers. Or this anti-semitic Russian-orthodox archbishop, who was in reality a Jew who was abducted by the soldiers, and in the end gave his life to save the Jewish community.

This, my friends… is the Jewish soul. In the Tanya the Jewish soul is described as “An actual part of the supernal G-d.”

To understand this, picture a thick black cloth held over a lit flashlight. Now, prick a hole in it with a sharp-tipped object–and a pinpoint of light shines through. The light is G-d, the cloth is the body, and that little pinpoint of light – the “portion of G-d”- is the soul. This means that the Jewish soul is a spark of G-dliness within every individual. It is the person’s responsibility to allow that spark to express itself through one’s thoughts, speech, and action, which are collectively known as the garments of the soul. Since the soul is a spark of G-dliness, it is considered to be infinite in its own right. The soul represents the individual’s eternal and unbreakable connection with the Almighty.

So… even though many of us are not observant yet, they still have the neshomme. And that spark of G-dliness is shining through their not yet observant life.

This is what made us build frum communities all around the world, this is what made the ‘secular’ Zionists fight for a Jewish state. And this is exactly the reason why we’ve build shul’s, mikvaot, a kotel, etc. in second life.

May we merit to see the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash (in RL and SL) soon, speedily and in our days…

B’ahavas Yisroel,